Cloudologic’s Disaster Recovery Process

We at Cloudologic design a Disaster Recovery Strategy on cloud to implement solutions that meet your mandatory recovery goals. A cloud-based Disaster Recovery Solution allows the user to expand the complete cloud DR solution from some to many.

Secure your information assets, often at a fraction of the cost. Cloud-based disaster recovery allows a complete DR solution to be the norm instead of the exception. Our primary objective for disaster recovery is to minimize the overall impact of a disaster on business by moving your DR site to cloud. Disaster recovery in cloud will save cost and deliver the required RTO and RPO. In the event of a disaster, critical workloads can be transferred to a disaster recovery site to resume business operations. As soon as your production data centre is restored, you can return from the cloud and restore your infrastructure and components to their original state. Due to superior profitability, scalability and reliability, cloud-based disaster recovery has become the most lucrative option for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
How we do it –

  • Perform a risk assessment and business impact analysis
  • Design for prevention, preparedness, response and recovery measures
  • Move DR to cloud
  • Test and update your cloud-based DR results

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Disaster Recovery Solutions

Hot Site Disaster Recovery

Cloud DR solutions for most critical applications and servers

Warm Site Disaster Recovery

Critical servers and applications are brought up for DR

Hot Standby

Cost effective in standby mode yet available for DR

Advantages of Cloud PoC
Planning and Consulting

Cloud Computing for Disaster Recovery planning, documentation, and testing


Cloud Disaster Recovery

The Cost to Move Your DR to Cloud Starts as Low as 20,000 $.

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