At Cloudologic we help organizations implement cloud services effectively. We have deep knowledge, extensive experience and the highest certifications for all cloud platforms. Whether we’re talking AWS, Azure, GCP or Alibaba, we are a one stop shop. We make sure our solutions help our customers reach time to market at the lowest possible cost.

Foundation Services

​Our cloud foundation services help your company design a resilient cloud environment for your workload migration. We understand the importance of this as this is your first step for cloud adoption. We make sure the design is cost-effective and performs well under heavy workloads. To do so, our cloud architects initiate design discussion workshops with your teams before they come to a final draft for your approval.
Post approval, the environment is designed using industry standard DevOps techniques.

Our foundation build services start from 10,000 $.

Assessment Services

​At Cloudologic, we take assessment seriously before we move your solution to the cloud. Our methodology is cloud-agnostic, focusing on the transformation of low risk and high profitability businesses, adapted to the cloud platform in question. It is a structured and fact-based analysis framework, consisting of pre-built accelerators, such as automated discovery templates and tools, cloud technology compatibility verifier, portfolio analysers and ROI calculator. We also have a dynamic and growing IP and knowledge about proven use cases in the cloud, applicability of technology and business controllers, and extensive experience in the execution of migration.

The assessment services start from 15,000 $.

Cloud Migration Services

​Once the foundation is built and assessment is complete, we are ready for Once the foundation is built and assessment complete, we are ready for migration. The first stage of migration is Lift and Shift (IAAS). We migrate what you have AS IS, ie. no cloud native adaptation. To do so we use cloud native tools for migration and cutover on scheduled date and time. Once the environment is stable comes rehosting to PAAS/Containers, or reengineering your application to support PAAS/Containers.

We do all. Our migration services start from 10,000 $.